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Inside, you will find resources available for high school chemistry teachers.  Some resources will be differentiated between General Science, Basic, and Advanced.

  • General Science: General or introductory science course, wherein several scientific disciplines are taught in the same year/semester.  As a result, there is usually less time to dedicate to each discipline.  Accordingly, the content provided under this heading is covered in less depth and simpler language.
  • Basic: Basic high school chemistry class.  The entire year/semester is dedicated to chemistry, and is often the first chemistry course students will have.  Accordingly, the material is covered in simpler language.
  • Accelerated: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or college-level general chemistry course.  Students will have already completed at least one previous chemistry course.  Students have also shown a strong interest in chemistry.  Accordingly, content is covered in better depth, more precise language, and more challenging material.

Videos play with Quicktime.  To view a video in this window, click Click to Play.  View in Player will open the video in its normal size in a separate Quicktime window.  Full Screen in Player will open a separate Quicktime window, where the movie will be shown across the entire screen, including the menubar.  To exit full screen, press Esc on your keyboard or click Exit Full Screen in the player controls.

Links, particularly for computer animations/applets, may go to external web sites.  These will generally open in a new window.  To get back to ChemTeacher, simply close the new window that opens.  We cannot control the content on these web sites, and are therefore not responsible for said content.