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Mixing the Solution in a Volumetric Flask

This video shows students what NOT to do. Poor Barbie!

Separatory Funnel Safety

This shows students what NOT to do in lab.


Always firmly hold the stopper when shaking and regularly vent the funnel by opening the stopcock. Gloves are recommended.

Always protect yourself and your neighbor from unexpected chemical splashes. Pressure may build in the funnel during mixing, therefore chemicals may violently be expelled from the funnel.

Always remove the stopper when the funnel is stored in the ring stand.

Keep Hair Away from Burner

This shows what can happen when hair gets too close to an open flame.

Cracked Glassware

This video shows students what happens when cracked glassware is heated. Students should always check glassware for cracks before using them in the lab.

Bunsen Burner Concerns

Care must be taken when adjusting the air control vent. It is possible to screw the burner all the way off the base, creating a hazardous situation. If the tube should come off while the burner is lit, turn off the gas supply as quickly as possible. 

Superheated Solutions

Boiling stones (boiling chips) should be used to prevent a liquid sample from superheating. Boiling stones provide nucleation sites where bubbles of vapor can form, thereby facilitating boiling and preventing "bumping" or eruption of a liquid sample.

Heating Closed Containers

Never heat a closed system. The heating process will increase the internal pressure of the system and an explosion may occur.

Chemistry Lab Safety Video

This video goes over many important laboratory safety rules as well as how to react to accidents in lab.


Computer Animations

Experience computer simulators or animations that illustrate the concept discussed here. Many simulators or animations come with worksheets for use in class.

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