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Metric prefixes, or SI prefixes, are words that precede a base unit to let you know the multiplication factor used. These multiplication factors are used to convert between two units.

For example:

5 cm = 5 centimeters = 5*10-2 m = 0.05 m

15 Gs = 15 gigaseconds = 15*109 s = 15,000,000,000 s


  Prefix    Symbol    Multplication  Factor
yotta Y 1024 One Septillion
zetta Z 1021 One Sextillion
exa E 1018 One Quintillion
peta P 1015 One Quadrillion
tera T 1012 One Trillion
giga G 109 One Billion
mega M 106 One Million
kilo k 104 One Thousand
hecto h 102 One Hundred
deka da 10 Ten
deci d 10-1 One Tenth
centi c 10-2 One Hundredth
milli m 10-3 One Thousandth
micro μ 10-6 One Millionth
nano n 10-9 One Billionth
pico p 10-12 One Trillionth
femto f 10-15 One Quadrillionth
atto a 10-18 One Quintillionth
septo z 10-21 One Sextillionth
yocto y 10-24 One Septillionth



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