White Smoke

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Author: brendzel
In this Lewis acid/base reaction, the combination of HCl (the Lewis acid) and Ammonia (the Lewis base) forms ammonium chloride, a white gas.
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Do experiment in a fume hood. Wear googles and gloves when preforming the experiment.
2 glass jars or beakers the same size that are around 250 mL A piece of cardboard big enough to cover the top of a jar/beaker
Around 20 mL of ammonia Around 20 mL of hydrochloric acid (HCl)
Put a tiny amount of HCl in one beaker.  Pour in just enough to coat the sides and bottom of the beaker, and pour the excess down the sink.  Place cardboard on top of beaker. In the other beaker, add the ammonia. Invert the beaker with the HCl and cardboard so it is on top of the beaker with ammonia. Pull out the cardboard.  White smoke should appear.
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All materials may go down the drain.
Difficulty:No specific experience required
Preparation Time:5 minutes Demonstration Time: 1 minutes
Availability of Materials:Local grocery store
Cost of materials:
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